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Revitalizing A Historic Downtown Building

Efficient Solutions

Our client required architectural drawings and marketing materials to secure commercial leases for the 29 North Pearl property. Extensive renovation of the space was planned, but the input of future tenants was required to create the optimal mix of leasehold improvements and permanent fixtures. BlueLight's drawings and renderings allowed for an extensive marketing plan without prohibitive pre-development costs.

Marketing Strength

BlueLight's presentation quality drawings, renderings and panoramic images demonstrated the professionalism and expertise of our client in a tangible form.

 Our ability to print, bind and deliver presentations positions us as a valuable time-saver throughout the development process.

Advisory Support

BlueLight's experience with historic properties and commercial development in the Downtown Albany Historic District allowed for valuable information sharing throughout the pre-development process.

Our ongoing relationship allows use to serve as a valuable resource when assessing costs, design changes, and production of supplemental materials for potential tenants.

Renderings and Floorplans

1st Floor Panorama

Mezzanine Panorama

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